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Personifying our Guiding Principles

Our team strives to deliver exemplary service throughout our pillars of success:

Future Proof Technology

Elegance & Simplicity

Leadership & Education

Scale & Performance

Services & Support

Meet our leaders:


Founder, National Architect
Enterprise & Cloud Architecture Practice

Leading the way into future roof integrated technologies, Richard provides the vision for Perpetual Reality and their clients to continually succeed with enterprise scale integrations and customizations. Not a bad teacher either.

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Director, Enterprise Opportunities
Corporate Strategy and Business Development Group

A natural problem solver with the innovative and creative skills to tackle the most daunting deigns. Teresa guides clients through revolutionary engagements & has profoundly improved how Perpetual Reality operates.

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Senior Product Architect
Client Technologies

With the unique ability to see the flexibility in  design customizations and a focus on reuse at scale, Keith has honed his skills with client side tool chain to bring a breadth of knowledge and depth of skills to every engagement.  

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Senior Operations Architect
Cloud Infrastructure Architecture Practice

Able to design and implement architectural paradigms that bridge on-prem, IaaS, Saas, and Paas across platforms and technologies, Jean has is a cross functional member who continues to enable success with every opportunity.

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