Reality Framework

Modern Tooling to Simplify
the Integrated Ecosystem

Demand for rapid prototyping, agile development methodologies, and continuous delivery capabilities now prevalent in BusDev and DevOps culture, heavily emphasize the increasing need for modern tooling.

Integration of disparate technology platforms requires, more than ever, that your SharePoint Ecosystem be flexible enough to bridge new Hybrid architectures, while adopting unified methodologies that dynamically span multiple disciplines to target mobile first, cloud first dev practices.

These are but a few advantages to the Reality Framework.

Whether leveraging your own CDN, continuous integration pipeline, or even a simple SharePoint library, the Reality Framework removes painful deployment rigor, and dramatically decreases time to delivery.

Accommodating the broadening use of client side languages and integrated tools patterns in practice, the Reality Framework increases reuse & scale of your development and implementations exponentially.

These documents provide further information on the Reality Framework and how to install it to your Ecosystem. When you are ready, scroll down to choose your installation method and DOWNLOAD the appropriate file. 

Zero Footprint

Our 'zero footprint' product set leverages native SharePoint declarative functionality to plumb your CDN code everywhere.

Empowering a platform agnostic, mobile first focus on performant client side functionality, the Framework also leverages our 'zero footprint' methodology to provide the gateway to our subscription based, Reality Tools