Specializing in modern methods and tools that bridge various cloud technologies with on-prem, online, and hybrid SharePoint paradigms.

Perpetual Reality is focused on making our customer platform implementations and customizations succeed.  We strive to ensure reliability, scalability, and performance while empowering our clients to lead in their marketplace, industry, and customer experience.


We recognize that success leaves a mark.  Our clients recognize it too.

“The end goal was to integrate our various technology platforms, including our SharePoint environment. The Reality Framework allowed us to adopt a more flexible, unified, methodology to target mobile and cloud first development and implementation practices. Simply put, the solution solved many of our business needs for a fraction of what other development shops were charging”

“ . . .with the ever increasing number of our clients moving to cloud platforms and a mobile workforce model, Perpetual Reality has consistently provided priceless leadership and skills in both integration and strategy.  With their help, we've reached new levels of customer service and delivery.”

“The innovative approach taken in the Reality Framework enables us to now integrate our existing CDN, tools, languages, and continuous integration skills & technologies throughout our entire SharePoint platform.  Our speed of iterative development has increased 10 fold and helped reach scalability metrics we never dreamed of.  The Enterprise and Cloud Architecture practice continues to exceed expectations helping us achieve success at every turn. . . ”