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Reality.Framework Solutions Gallery

Packaged for on-prem and online

Our most popular installation method. The site collection scoped solution gallery .wsp package enables all four features when activated ( including the FOUNDRY and FORGE).  Enabling your CDN code throughout both site collections on-prem and SharePoint online.

Reality.Framework Farm Solution

Packaged for on-prem implementation

Providing the simplest method for distributing your CDN to all web applications, the farm scoped .wsp package activates the core declarative logic to for unprecedented flexibility of code development and deployment.  Then you choose where to activate advanced FOUNDRY and FORGE features.

Reality.Framework Add-In

Packaged for app store distribution

Similar to the solutions gallery approach, the Add-In methodology activates all four features ( including the FOUNDRY and FORGE).  It is installed and administered via your enterprise app store construct in order to ease deployment by site owners.


Zero footprint install of your tools, and the gateway to ours

The Reality.Tools namespace provide your enterprise a distribution fabric for reusable logic and tools through the FOUNDRY and FORGE plumbing.  These are also the gateway to our subscription based tools for use throughout your SharePoint ecosystem.