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Reality Framework: Step 2

Step 2: Point SharePoint site collection(s) to your CDN

Point SharePoint Site(s) to your CDN

Now that you have a CDN location online and possibly configured for anonymous access, let's point your SharePoint site collection(s) to it.

Once your CDN setup is complete, move on to step 3, where we install the Reality Framework solution and configure its features.


In the event that your organization has chosen to leverage a CDN host on a URL other than the default derived location, i.e. :


you will need to tell your site collection where the CDN lives. . .

This is achieved via SharePoint's Property Bag attributes at the site collection level. 

The CDN URL is comprised of path components individually specified by creating a combination of the following Property Bag attributes:

1. RF.ArtifactRepoHostFQDN:

Full URL to site that holds the artifact library (default of 'lib')

2. RF.ArtifactRepoHostSubDomainFolder:

By default, the Reality Framework will append the users current FQDN into the 

Artifact Repository Path in order to accommodate artifacts which are unique to this specific web application in addition to those found in the global Artifact Repository Host library.

When this property bag value is set, it will be used instead of the FQDN.